Massage of dogs by Bowen technique


One of the servies I offer is BOWEN MASSAGE for dogs of all sizes, race and age.

RELAXATION AND REGENERATION of the body of your four-legged friend is as well as important as good nutrition, excercise and good care.


Bowen technique

This type of massage can be applied on human as well as on animals. They LOVE IT!  It applies as well to our four-legged friends. The technique is suitable for all dog´s categories, there is no limit of age or size. This technique is very important supplement of animal care, especially for active sports dogs. They deserve much similar care as any sportsman. This technique allows to release muscle tension caused by stress, heavy trainig, after injury and improves the mobility of older dogs. The Bowen technique is one of the ways to support the natural functionning of organism. The dog calms down during the session.

Enable the organism of your four-legged friend to self-regenerate and self-heal.

Give to your little doggy the same comfort you are giving to yourself. Improve the quality of its life. You will be permanently rewarded by your best friend.


This technique does not substitute a professional veterinaty treatment. 

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